SOLD. Larger Than Life Erich, 24x16"
SOLD. Larger Than Life John, 16x12"
SOLD. The Lookout, 15x9"
The Brave, 8x10" $400
The Actor, 16x12" $400
SOLD. Cat, 12x8"
SOLD. Rachel, 10x8"
Eric, 8x10, $400
Hunter, 9x12", $400
SOLD. Mary, 12x9"
SOLD. Eric II, 8x10"
Emmit, 8x10", $400
John, 9x12", $400
Green, 8x10", $400
Bailey, 8x10", $400
SOLD. Victoria, 10x8"
Eric III, 10x8", $400
Vanessa, 10x8", $400
SOLD. Reflected Lights, 16x12"
Jade, 12x9", $400
SOLD Reclined, 16x20"
Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, 8x10", $400
Avery, 8x10", $400
Resting Nude, 12x16", $500
SOLD. Dreams, 12x8"
Dakota, 16x12", $500
Vanessa II, 12x9, $400
Keaton, 8x10", $400
Jade II, 12x9", $400
Standing Nude, 24x18", $1400
Kay, 12x9", $400
SOLD. Brittany, 12x16"
Mary, 15x9", $500
Robert, 12x9", $400
Val, 14x11", $500
Torso Sketch, 12x9", $400
Nude Sketch, 16x20", $1000
Casting Shadows, 12x12, $500

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