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About the Academy.

The Academy at Rees Atelier is an accelerated two year training program with techniques and organization similar to schools of the mid nineteenth century. Drawing is taught the first year, with 6 intensive studio classes and two lecture courses.  Click the link for more information on the program and F.A.Q.

At a Glance. News, schedules, and up to date info.

Class meets 2 days a week.

Each day is 3 hours long.

Additional live model sessions are included in tuition cost. (Currently 4 sessions per week).

Each term is 10 weeks long.

There are 3 terms per year.

Each term is $550.

Students should pass review before advancing terms.

Academy in a Nutshell

Please visit www.ReesAtelier.com for more information and registration!

This 300 pg textbook organizes the Academy student’s first year. While it is not designed to be a stand alone art instruction book, its demonstrations, resources, and workbooks are an invaluable resource for students attending the Academy, or those interested in a similar pursuit.

The Academy textbook is complete and will be available for purchase! Academy students can buy it in class for $15.  

Not a student?  Click here to order at regular price from Amazon, or here to purchase from Rees Fine Art.

Academy Textbook

The Facility.

Rees Atelier, located in downtown Mesa Arizona, is a large facility with several studios, natural and state of the art artificial light, and world class instruction. The Academy operates in one dedicated studio.  Click the link for photos of the facility, the Academy studio, and more information.

We will be keeping rigorous Academic art training alive in Arizona by moving to a new facility! Get more information and register by going to www.ReesAtelier.com 

More Space and Storage

Student and Teacher Work.

Similar to ateliers and schools of the past, students compete each term for the highest marks on their assignments, with various awards delegated to those judged best. Click the link to view a sample of work executed by students of the Academy, as well as instructor examples and demonstrations.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students per start date, so early registration is recommended.

2017 TERMS


    July 10-September 16


    October 2-December 23


Click here for more information on term dates and registration.


Upcoming Start Dates

The assignments, ranging from master copies to cast drawing to figurative and portraiture work, have been the focus of Classical and Academic schools of the past.  The approach taught can be found in the writings of Academic artists such as Charles Bargue, Solomon Solomon, and Frank Fowler, among others. This curriculum and approach has been utilized to train many of the great masters of realism found in museums spanning the last three centuries.

Why Choose the Academy?

Historical Curriculum, Historical Process.

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